JC Tennis Travel - Jacky Cheong

Torrey Pines - "Dawn Breaks"

Torrey Pines, California - "Breaking Dawn" (Golden Hour)

To experience 10,000 Sunrises in life... you need to remind yourself: "Adventures only happen to the Adventurous"

Wake by Oh-Dark-30. Arrive on the beach an hour before dawn. Hike 2 miles by moonlight with only a flashlight, camera gear, gloves and 3 layers of clothes.

You must wake up *knowing* you will reach the Summit. To make the Razor's Edge overlook point by Dawn, you must be ready before you even take the 1st Step.

 There are no Starbucks, Supermodels, or avocado toast Snacks waiting for you there...

Just the Pacific Ocean and God.

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